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Head Injury Workers' Compensation Attorney

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Head Injury Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers in almost every field have the potential to sustain many different types of injuries and illnesses. However, one of the most serious kinds of injuries suffered on the job is a head injury. Trauma to the head can cause concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries, as well as skull fractures, dangerous swelling, and other complications. If you suffer a head injury on the job, you are likely facing an extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and a lengthy period of recovery during which you will likely be unable to work. Workers’ compensation insurance helps to support injured workers and reimburse them for their losses caused by workplace injuries. If you have suffered a workplace injury of any type, call experienced workers’ comp lawyer Ryan Zavodnick for assistance today.

Common causes of head injuries at work

A person’s skull serves as a shell that protects the brain from direct trauma. However, any time you suffer a blow to the head, it can cause your brain to hit your skull and damage the delicate tissue. Common causes of head and brain trauma include the following:

  • Motor vehicles accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Falls down stairs, from ladders, or from other heights
  • Getting hit by falling objects
  • Defective products and equipment

Though wearing a helmet or other protective head gear can sometimes decrease the damage done by a blow to the head, many workers suffer severe head injuries despite wearing appropriate protective gear. The occupations that have the highest risk for injuries to workers’ heads and brains include:

  • Professional athletes, especially in hockey, football, boxing, or baseball
  • Construction crews
  • Firefighters
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Delivery personnel
  • Race car drivers and motorcyclists
  • Workers on loading docks
  • Effects of head injuries
  • The severity of the injury
  • The length of the symptomatic period
  • The time off from work and wages lost
  • The medical expenses incurred for all necessary treatments
  • Any temporary or permanent disabilities suffered

Contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer for assistance today

Whenever you suffer a blow to the head at work, you should always report it to your employer and seek a medical evaluation whether or not you notice any symptoms right away. If symptoms do manifest at a later time, you will have reported the accident to your employer in the timely manner required to qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. Additionally, you should always consult with a qualified Delaware workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Ryan Zavodnick is an experienced attorney who has assisted numerous workers in Delaware receive proper compensation after they suffered injury or illness at work.

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