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Hearing and Vision Loss Workers' Compensation Attorney

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Hearing and Vision Loss Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Everyone should be able to trust that they can go to work in a safe and healthy environment. Workers certainly should not have to be afraid of suffering loss of their hearing or vision when they report for work. However, the United States Department of Labor reports that thousands of employees suffer some degree of blindness and that an estimated 30 million workers suffer exposure to excessive workplace noise on a regular basis. If excessive noise or other hazardous conditions in your workplace cause you to suffer any degree of hearing or vision loss, you will likely qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are provided through a statewide requirement that companies with any employees carry insurance to reimburse workers for their workplace injuries. If you believe you have a workers’ comp claim, call experienced Delaware work comp lawyer Ryan Zavodnick to discuss your case today.

Jobs that commonly cause hearing loss

Hearing loss caused by excessive noise is a surprisingly common injury in the workplace. Damage to hearing generally happens when very loud noises cause damage to the auditory nerve and the delicate sensory cells in the inner ear. When too many of these cells suffer damage, the victim will lose some degree of hearing. If the damage continues over time, so will the hearing loss. Severe hearing loss generally occurs over a long and gradual period of time caused by prolonged noise exposure in the workplace that is over 85 decibels.

Part of providing a healthy and safe working environment includes ensuring that workers are not exposed to conditions that may cause hearing loss. However, some industries simply require a great amount of noise at a level that may cause damage. Such industries include the following:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Agriculture
  • Utility workers
  • Welding
  • Cement workers
  • Airline baggage handlers

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that close to half of professional carpenters and plumbers have suffered some degree of hearing loss from repeated loud banging and drilling.

Companies who employ workers in such high-risk environments are required to provide adequate protective gear for employees who are regularly exposed to loud noises. However, many times the protective gear is worn, damaged, or defective and does not sufficiently protect from hearing loss.

Jobs that cause vision loss

The CDC reports that approximately 2,000 workers in the United States suffer injuries to their eyes in the workplace on a daily basis. A substantial percentage of these eye injuries require medical treatment and time off of work to recover. Other victims of serious injuries to the eye unfortunately suffer permanent partial or complete vision loss. Some conditions that may lead to vision loss in the workplace include:

  • Flying particles, such as slivers of glass or metal
  • Sparks
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Tools, such a nail guns
  • Falling objects
  • UV radiation

Construction workers, welders, laboratory employees, janitors, and industrial equipment operators are among the top professions that have the highest risk of eye injuries and partial or total vision loss.
Again, employers are required by safety laws to supply quality eye protection for any positions with a risk of eye injuries. However, like protective ear gear, goggles and face shields may be worn, ill-fitting, or otherwise defective and may not fully prevent injury.

Workers’ compensation for victims of workplace hearing or vision loss

Both hearing and vision loss can have an extraordinary effect on a victim’s life. Victims may need to be vocationally retrained, may need to adapt their lifestyles, or may even be left severely incapacitated. Fortunately, the Delaware workers’ compensation program can provide injured workers with one of the following:

  • Temporary total disability benefits
  • Partial disability benefits
  • Permanent and total disability benefits

The amount of benefits you receive will depend on several factors and it is imperative that you have an experienced worker’s compensation attorney representing you.

Contact a Delaware workers’ comp lawyer for help

An experienced attorney can stand up for your rights to workers’ comp benefits and help you receive the full amount you deserve. If you have suffered hearing or vision loss in the workplace, call attorney Ryan Zavodnick at (302) 364-6047 for a free consultation to discuss your situation today.

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