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Neck and Back Injuries Workers' Compensation Attorney

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Neck and Back Injuries Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The United States Department of Labor reports that injuries to the neck and back account for one out of five injuries in the workplace and, in fact, back injuries are the most common injury on the job. Such injuries can be chronic and very painful, and they often require an injured employee to miss several days—if not weeks—of work and, often, wages. Even if an injured employee returns to work, he or she may have to be re-assigned to a position that does not place stress on the neck or back.

If you have sustained a painful neck or back injury while working, you should contact an experienced Delaware workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Ryan Zavodnick can advise you on whether you should qualify for workers’ comp benefits and how much you may receive. Injured workers can often receive compensation for medical costs, lost income, and other losses.

Jobs that commonly cause neck and back injuries

Workers often develop neck or back injuries due to strenuous labor, repetitive motions, overexertion, and more. Lifting heavy loads, constantly leaning over, pushing or pulling objects, and carrying heavy items can also cause damage to the neck, the back, or both. Some professions in which neck and back injuries are particularly common include the following:

  • Construction workers
  • Laborers
  • Masons
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Assemblers
  • Production line workers
  • Plastic workers
  • Metal workers
  • Carpenters
  • Roofers
  • Welders
  • Pipe fitters
  • Miners
  • Commercial fishermen
  • Loggers
  • Dairy farmers
  • Fork lift drivers

Neck and back injuries do not always have to be caused by repetitive motions, however, as they can also result from an isolated accident. For example, an office worker may unexpectedly slip and fall due to a dangerous condition on the office floor and may suffer a severe neck or back injury as a result.

Workers’ Comp for neck and back injuries

If you suffer a neck or back injury at work and require medical treatment, have to miss work to recover, or both, you may be entitled to benefits under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, which is required by the state of Delaware. Such benefits can cover your medical expenses, part of your lost wages, and possibly more. Additionally, if you must miss work for an extended period of time due to your neck or back injury, you may be able to receive one of the following, depending on your situation:

  • Partial disability
  • Temporary total disability
  • Permanent and total disability

The amount you may receive will depend on your wage rate at the time of your injury, the severity of your injury, your medical treatments, and more.

How a Delaware work comp attorney can help you

Though the Delaware workers’ compensation system is intended to provide injured workers with the benefits they deserve for their workplace injuries, the system may often be complicated. First, your employer or your employer’s insurance company may deny your initial claim for workmans’ comp. Though it may be clear to you that you have sustained a workplace injury and that you deserve benefits, an employer will often see it differently and can search for any reason to deny your claim and keep insurance costs low. An experienced attorney can assist in making sure all paperwork is completed completely and accurately in a way that may increase your chances of an immediate approval.

If you receive a denial from your employer, a lawyer can help negotiate with your employer or their insurer to get them to reconsider your claim. If the denial stands, your workers’ compensation lawyer can then help you submit all the necessary paperwork to start the appeals process.

Contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer for assistance today

If you have suffered a neck or back injury, experienced attorney Ryan Zavodnick understands how important workers’ compensation benefits would be for you and your family. Mr. Zavodnick leads a legal team that strives to stand up for the rights of workers suffering from neck and back workplace issues. We are always zealous advocates for every injured client and work to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve for your workplace injury.

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